Perm Professional Locators

​​Specializing in finding the perfect fit for permanent, professional employment needs in the fields of Accounting, Finance, IT, Customer Service and Business Operations.


Because PPL only works on permanent,direct-hire placements we take extra care to ensure that we are providing technical and cultural fits that will ensure long-term success for both clients and candidates.

The PPL Methodology

At PPL we take our time to get it right.  Our experience shows that there is a significant difference between hiring a temporary employee and hiring a permanent employee.  Our experience has proven that, in addition to detemining the technical requirements of the position, to ensure the greatest possibility of success you also need to determine intangibles such as:
  • Why does the client need to hire for this position?
  • What  are the team dynamics?
  • What type of persoanlity will work best on the team?
  • What is the interview process?
  • What type of employee experience has worked best in the past?

The same works for the candidates.  We are not looking to match canddiates up with their next paycheck.  We are looking to marry them to their next career opportunity.  Our Recruiters will take their time to ask questions such as:
  • Aside from money, what things are most important to you?
  • What type of environment have you enjoyed best?
  • What types have personalities have enjoyed working with the most?
  • What types of personalities haven't you enjoyed working with in the past?
  • What are you looking for in terms of a work-life balance?

Taking the time to ask these simple questions may make the difference between the perfect marriage between employer and employee or a disaster.  PPL strives to create the perfect marriage.